June Harvests

June Harvests

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More Real Food Coming to NU!

Check out this great piece of interactive journalism! All of the pictures were taken in the Wild Roots garden at the Rally for Real Food which we cohosted with Real Food at NU.

The Plants have Arrived!


We had lots of excitement at the Wild Roots garden on a very blustery Tuesday, as all our little seedlings arrived, ready to be put in the ground! The poor little things were almost blown away with all the wind!


We had to shelter them in our structure to keep them away from the wind. Then we turned to the work of getting them in the ground, ready to start spring in earnest! Before too long, these little plants will be turning out fruits, vegetables, and greens quicker than we can pick them.


  In other news, our fantastic new benches have arrived, perfect for relaxing or studying in our lovely garden! They come with a view of all our green plants and growing things, and free sunshine included! DSC_0389

All in all, it’s been a very good start to our growing season. Don’t forget, we have workdays every Sunday at 3 pm! Until next time, Rootlets!


Fall has definitely arrived at Wild Roots. Last week, we removed all of the tomato plants and harvested a few bins of cool-weather crops, like swiss chard and kale. Today, five members of the Wild Roots Exec Board spent the afternoon with 2nd graders from Orrington Elementary and taught them about about cover crops. We hope to work more with Orrington Elementary and other groups in the Evanston community throughout the rest of the school year!

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NU Night Lights

September 22, 2014 036

September 22, 2014 037

September 22, 2014 038

September 22, 2014 039

Wild Roots is all set for a new year! We will be at the NU activities fair at Norris on Saturday 27 between 1 and 5 followed by our first work day next week. We have many new plans for community outreach within the Northwestern and Evanston Communities, too. Even closer to home, we have our new solar LED lights. After a sunny day, the garden will be lit up as soon as it gets dark.

A New Season


As many of the summer crops have finished up, the garden is looking a lot different as we’ve pulled out many of the old broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage plants. That means there is room to put in a whole new round of seeds for cool weather crops. In this picture, we have lettuce seedlings.