King Harvest Has Surely Come

The recent heat wave has been hard on us humans, but the plants in the garden are loving it. We’ve harvested lots of produce this week, and the Norris kitchen is putting it to good use in some delicious roasted vegetable dishes and at the salad bar.

15 pounds of tomatoes:


Varieties here include red and yellow pear, red cherry, box car willie, german johnson, black prince, and green zebra (the ones with the funny names are all heirloom varieties)

and 15 pounds of zucchini!  (plus a few cucumbers)


The first eggplant of the summer:


Our herbs are still going strong. Here’s some cilantro, purple basil (my favorite), and mammoth basil.


And finally, our first strawberry!


P.S… the title of this post a great song by The Band about a tough-luck farmer. Maybe not quite appropriate given all the wondeful food we’ve grown this summer!



  1. adamberman14 · August 31, 2013

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. Johna598 · August 30, 2014

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