Mid-Summer Garden Updates

It’s been an eventful month in the garden, with lots of plants starting to fruit and new plants emerging from the ground. I’m constantly amazed by the transformations plants undergo as they grow and the techniques they use to help themselves along. It makes the gardener’s job easier when plants are already the experts on producing food! Here’s some pictures of what’s been growing in the past few weeks.


Flowering ecinacea:


IMG_0308      IMG_0312

Flowering onion:


(if your onions start to flower they should be pulled and eaten quickly.. they don’t keep well after flowering)

Green tomatoes:


We just re-staked all the tomato plants to keep them off the ground as they grow tall and wide.

Mammoth basil, particularly good for making pesto:




These are a vining variety so we are training them to climb up their stakes and onto a wire mesh above.  And look, they are helping us out!

IMG_0317 IMG_0318

Hold on tight cukes!

A little zucchini plant


And it’s big brother.


This guy’s a few months older.. Boy they grow up fast!

And finally, the coolest thing we’ve seen this summer..


That’s two strawberry plants in two separate beds…except separate no more!  They reached across and joined forces.




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