Furry Friends

Whenever I’m out in the garden curious folks will stop by and chat for a bit. But when it’s really hot out, or raining, it’s usually just me or Adam out there…and rabbits. There’s always a few bunnies hopping about or lounging in the garden shade. When it starts to cool off late in the day they like to have some fun and chase each other around the Norris lawn, and at night there’s usually at least ten of them sitting and munching in the grass.

in the weeds


in the grass


and among the bok choy


Why do these bunnies like the garden so much?  Because they were raised in it!  Like in previous years, we’ve had a few nests among our vegetables. This year mom bunny thought the beets in bed 2a were a good nesting spot.


A closer look


In the best interest of the garden, we moved these six little guys into a garden pot and to a safe spot near the garden.


But it’s not all fun and games with the rabbits. Turns out they’re not only fun garden buddies but also little garden terrors.  The main casualties this year have been the sunflowers that we just planted.


All of the plants have been bitten about six inches up the stem


This face-down flower looks almost as sad as the bunnies look cute.


It’s been pretty frustrating to have our just-planted vegetables eaten while we’re gone overnight, so we’re trying some preventative measures. We’ve sprinkled some cayenne pepper and will be putting up chicken wire around the most vulnerable veggies. Coyote urine is supposed to be a really good deterrent as well, but..it kinda stinks.  If you have any rabbit-prevention ideas let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: We may have misjudged the rabbits a little bit. While they’ve definitely been eating some of our vegetables, there’s a new suspect in the sunflower killings… chipmunks. I was talking to a local gardener who stopped by the garden and she said that our sunflower stem cuts look just like what happened to her sunflowers. Her flowers were planted on a balcony, so unless there’s a new breed of spider-bunnies out there they were probably eaten by chipmunks. This isn’t great news, since, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that chipmunks always get their way. At least we can go back to being friends with the bunnies!


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