Summer Gardening

It’s summer time in Evanston!  Most students have left for the summer, but a lucky few are here to see the fruits (actually, mostly vegetables) of our spring plantings. We’ve harvested lettuce greens, cilantro, basil, beets, and more. Our green beans are growing too, but they’re mostly harvested one by one (gardening snack!).  Here’s a taste of what the garden looked like at the beginning of summer.


Cilantro!  Like with most herbs, the flowers have to be trimmed or else the plants will think it’s time to stop producing leaves and the leaves will develop a woody texture.


Some jalapeños.


Here’s one of those yummy green beans I was talking about!


asparagus, post trimming, with tomato plants in the background


A better view of the tomato plants. They’re starting to get big and will need more stakes soon for some support and to keep their leaves off the ground.


And finally, the garden nemesis..bunnies. I will post soon about these guys. They may look cute, but watch out.



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