better standards for labor conditions in the fields

produce section at Whole Foods

Hey everyone!  For Evanstonians and Northwesterners, sometimes it’s possible to feel torn about how much we all shop at Whole Foods.  According to this article, one reason you can feel good about giving your business to Whole Foods is that they were the first grocery chain to pledge that they will only buy from growers who have signed a code of conduct that guarantees penny per pound increases for tomato pickers and better conditions for all workers, including time in the shade and freedom from violence and sexual harrassment.  Trader Joe’s is the second and last grocer to get on board with these reforms.  So if you’ve got a Jewel card or you make the trip to Dominic’s, consider writing a letter with your stance on humane conditions for produce workers.  That kind of initiative has a real ripple effect.  It’ll be what shifts the whole system in a beter direction.


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  1. Jeff H · February 17, 2012

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