medicinal plants brainstorming

Hello all!

Wild Roots is considering adding a medicinal plants section to the garden after Harry Hahn proposed the idea in our meeting tonight.  Here’s some research into the plants that might populate our newest idea.

Ginseng:  This herb has been in use on multiple continents for at least 5,000 years.  Its place of origin is unknown.  It prefers a shady home with moist, humus-rich soil.  It has many benefits.  It has been shown to relax the nervous system, facilitate the pituitary gland’s secretion of hormones, improve stamina, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, increase immune system functioning, and support liver function.

the ginseng plant fruiting in the fall

WARNING:  Don’t drink ginseng root in your coffee! When mixed with coffee, the properties of ginseng accelerate the effects of the caffeine and cause diarrhea.

dosage:  you can take approximately 1000 mg daily.  One method involves swallowing a chunk of the root whole!

We’ll keep you up to date if we decide to plant some of these plants in the garden!


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