Some Garden Updates

It’s been a while since we’ve done a post with general goings-on in the garden, so here goes:

Bad news first:

– The rainy, cold weather this year means that we’ve got fungal disease all over the garden. Tomato plants are dying, squash plants have creepy white leaves, and one of our three rhubarb plants is a goner.   :(

– Someone stole all of our Walla Walla onions straight out of the ground.  Not cool.

But there’s good news too!

– We’re getting excited to have our small army of student gardeners back with us come mid-September!  We’ll be harvesting, working on some fundraising projects, and prepping more beds for next year, so hold onto your (straw) hats and get ready.

– High summer has officially started, with tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini(s?) being harvested daily.  Last Monday, we harvested 9.5lbs of tomatoes, 10lbs of cucumbers, and 16.5lbs of zucchini!  Yeah. Crazy.

– Operation Bunny Deter is back in action: we’ve planted more lettuces and swiss chard and are trying marigolds and onion bulbs ringing the greens to keep the bunnies away.

– Yellowjackets made a nest in our compost pile and freaked us out anytime we went near them for a couple of weeks.  With a bit of prodding (literally) from Thea, they’ve moved out and left us with half a composter of black gold.

– A rogue earthworm was hunting ants above ground by the zucchini today.  What a maverick.

Hope all of your home gardens are thriving, and if you’re on campus, head over to Norris to check out the garden and to sample some of our produce in Willie’s Food Court!

– Jackie



  1. Jeff H · August 31, 2011

    Yep, blossom end rot on my tomatoes at home from all the rain too :(

  2. Terri · May 27, 2012

    I thought earthworms ate decomposing stuff, not live things? I try to tolerate those sweat bees crawling on me, but it sure is hard. Then I get very irritated when they sting, because I tried to scratch without thinking!! :/

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