Tomato Trellises

We’re finally starting to get our crazy indeterminate tomatoes under control with some new trellises.  Hopefully they’ll reduce fungal disease (which is certainly coming with a fury after this wet year) by keeping the tomato leaves off the ground and allowing the sun and wind to dry the leaves more easily.

To make these trellises, we used tall, sturdy bamboo poles spaced 2-3 tomato plants apart.  Then, we secured another bamboo pole on the top with screws and hemp to keep the primary poles spaced apart.  Next, we placed screws in the bamboo on each pole and strung hemp between the screws on both sides of the tomatoes.  Last, we wove the tomatoes in between the hemp and secured the plants with twist-ties.

Great critics of our era (or just some random guy passing by while we were working) have called these trellises “an architectural masterpiece.”  Decide for yourself, or stop by the garden to experience first-hand what creative genius looks like:

Because necessity is still the mother of invention.

– Jackie


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