Happy July!

It’s hot hot hot outside, but the garden is looking good!


The zucchini fruit are finally starting to make their appearance; I’d read somewhere that the zukes like to grow plenty of big leaves and bright yellow flowers before finally gracing us with their fruits, and that sure seems to be the case here.

The sugar snap peas (the ones that survived the Bunny Wars) are also producing, which is fantastic!

Peaceful Peas!

I had a bizarre dream last night (or maybe it was a nightmare) that all of the tomato plants were chopped off by some unknown villain! In this dream of mine, they looked like they’d been completely beheaded, with only their bare stalks remaining. But of course, this morning I was relieved to find that the tomatoes were completely fine. I’m starting to see some green tomatoes make their debut:

Soon enough, I'll be bright red and yummy

Another highlight of this week was the NU Fresh Market (in conjunction with Norris’s Lunch on the Lake series) on Tuesday, June 28, where Wild Roots sold handmade tea, dried herbs, and seedlings! The friendly passersby were curious about our garden and were happy to support us. Thanks to everyone who came to the market, and if you weren’t able to come this time, don’t forget to stop  by at the next one on Tuesday, July 12!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



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