Pest Wars III: Revenge of the… Bunnies?

There’s something therapeutic about pulling out weeds. The act of uprooting each invasive species in one piece and yanking their fat stubborn roots out of the ground is satisfying…because weeding clears space and reduces competition so that our veggies, herbs, and flowers get the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. Equally dissatisfying, though, is the snap of a weed as it breaks at the stem, leaving an impossibly small nub, woven into the soil.

I spent a good three hours weeding the west side of the garden yesterday, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully these efforts will help support the flora that we actually want to grow :)

But weeds certainly aren’t the only villains in the garden. In fact, they might not even be the worst culprits. The  fiercest ones might be those cute furry guys with the bushy white tails and tall ears…you know, these guys:

Food coma?

Now, when I first came to Northwestern, I remember being surprised by all of the squirrels––the bold squirrels who, even when faced with approaching masses of human beings, would refuse to budge from their post on the dumpster, with half-eaten oatmeal cookie in their mouths.  But now, I’m starting to think that the bunnies might have more guts than their squirrel friends. These bunnies hardly move when I walk by them, and they prance around the tomatoes and peppers like it’s a free-for-all. (Well, I guess it is sort of a free-for-all.)

Here in the garden we’ve tried planting marigolds and spraying a cayenne-water mix around the vulnerable plants. Nothing seems to stop these critters, though. Do you have any advice on bunny (or general pest) control? Feel free to share with us!

More updates on this week’s happenings will come soon!


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