A Little Garden Update (and Greetings from a New Face at Wild Roots)

Hello everyone! My name is Erika, and I’ll be helping take care of the lovely garden this summer. I’m quite honored and delighted to be able to write for the blog and to share with you all about the wonderful adventures and discoveries here.

This week, we have some new additions to the garden, including strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, eggplants, and spaghetti squash. There are so many growing creatures in our spaces that it’s getting tougher to find room for everything! It will be exciting to watch these fruits and veggies grow throughout these next few months.

Speaking of growing creatures–– the burrowing bunnies that were occupying one of the planters have been exercising much more lately, and now the group is down to just three furry fellows. I noticed they’d moved over to the peppermint planter next to their old home. Are they getting ready to move on into the wilderness? Maybe. Hopefully, they won’t eat all of our peppers on their way out into the vast Northwestern land…

We're minty fresh.

And some of the lettuce was looking mighty large and leafy, so it was collected and delivered to Norris! Hooray! It was 3/4 pound, which, coincidentally, was the same weight as the first lettuce harvest of last year. And so begins our odyssey…our harvesting odyssey, that is.

Multiple stages of lettuce-ness!

Weighing in with the chefs in the Norris kitchen

It’s looking like some of the herbs will be ready for harvesting soon, too. Cheers to fragrant and delicious Wild Roots produce!

AND last but not least, congratulations to all of the graduating (graduated?) seniors!



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