North By Northwestern Columnist Visits Wild Roots

Thank you to NBN columnist Vince FitzPatrick visited Wild Roots in for his article this week, “At Northwestern, it’s not easy being green,” which looked at NU’s environmental scene.  Here is an excerpt from his piece that describes Wild Roots:

“On a rainy Monday afternoon, I head over to the Norris south lawn to check out Wild Roots, a student-run herb-and-vegetable garden. Unfortunately, I arrive just in time to find out that gardening is canceled for the day. Not, as I thought, due to the inclement weather, but, hilariously, due to rabbits. A young bunny was found sleeping in the warm depths of the group’s compost heap. This was straight out of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, except instead of Mr. McGregor angrily chasing Peter out of his garden, the kind souls of Wild Roots decided to let the little creature and any of its siblings that might be hiding further down remain in their cozy den.

Fortunately, I’m not missing out on much. The garden, like the rest of campus, has only just emerged from an excruciatingly prolonged winter, and the roots and stems that remain are dried up and dead. Planting will begin soon, but in the mean-time, I get a sense of the fruits (no pun intended) of Wild Roots’ labors by checking out their blog. Eggplant, asparagus, mint and rosemary, heirloom tomatoes and hot peppers are among the many kinds of produce produced by the students of Wild Roots and funneled (whenever possible) into Norris kitchens. What amazes me most about the garden is the scale: over the past two years, they turned a regular grassy lawn in the middle of a university campus into an edible Eden. And yet this grand project is based on a simple ideal: if you want to build a more sustainable, healthy, socially just future, you have to go back to basics and do the dirty work yourself. The kids in Wild Roots aren’t scared to get their green thumbs dirty.”

Check out Vince’s whole article here!


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