victory gardens as inspiration

When we fight the good fight for a sounder food system, it starts with personal choice.  Consider the history of the victory garden movement:

During WWII when transportation for agricultural goods was in short supply, 20 million Americans grew vegetables in victory gardens.  Neighborhoods banded together in order to carve out extra space for urban and suburban farming.  Sales of canning supplies skyrocketed.  Demand for crock pots alone quintupled so people could preserve food at unprecedented rates.  All this started with Americans uniting amidst the war effort.

Today we have equally tough foes to face.  The ills of agriculture shipped from long distances are difficult to boycott without a local food source as an alternative.  Our contemporary challenges start on the home front.  So JOIN US IN WILD ROOTS!  Make Northwestern’s vegetable garden the home front for THE most local food source on campus! 

For more on victory gardens, follow these links.  You can check out the city of San Francisco’s victory gardening efforts here.  In Chicago, the urban farming group WeFarm America is basing a multi-neighborhood approach on the victory garden model.  Check it out here.


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