Cures for Winter Blues

I visited the garden a couple of days ago, which was kind of a downer.  All that remained was the skeletons of our beautiful annuals.  For those of us who love GROWTH and GREENERY, winter can be pretty depressing.  So in honor of winter, here are some tips to keep up our gardeners’ spirits:

  • Plan next year’s garden.  Break out those seed catalogues and drool over beautiful flowers and vegetables; figure out where they’ll go in your garden and when to start seeds.  Seed Savers Exchange (, a seed company in Iowa which specializes in heirlooms, has an epically drool-worthy catalogue.  Plan to reduce pests and diseases and maximize flavor through crop rotation and the use of companion plants.
  • Get some low-maintenance greenery.  All those shade-loving houseplants that you’ve rejected because they don’t need the care and attention of a garden? They’re your winter food. Comment on this post if you want a baby spider plant.
  • Watch lots of Planet Earth.
  • Defy winter by gardening all year long!
  1. Outdoor gardeners should check out Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Harvest or his Winter Harvest Handbook for tips about layering hoop houses to increase temperature and about crop selection in winter months.
  2. If you’re not so keen on the cold, check out the Window Farms Project ( for kits and designs for low-energy, hydroponic growing systems in your apartment window!  Anyone who designs a window farm for inside Norris will get Wild Roots’ everlasting love and support.

If you have your own tips for surviving winter, feel free to comment!

WR love,



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