Yesterday was a wonderful winter day- there was sun and with no snow on the ground, I rode my bike. As I was nearing campus, I saw a car stopped in the middle of the street, which was observing two orange bodies slowly creeping towards someone’s porch. I had never seen foxes so up close, and it was pretty obvious they did not like the unwanted attention they were receiving. But here they were- on a porch amidst a man-made orchestra of car alarms, buses, and construction.

The driver of the car remarked to me that it was like we were in the woods. At some point, this suburbia was woods, which got me thinking Who is out of place? The foxes? Or is it me? We take for granted this concrete environment we built for ourselves and rarely think about the natural environment that is all around us. As the animals enter hibernation mode for winter and become invisible to the human eye, it is important to constantly remind ourselves of the others we share this earth with.




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