Heads up! This is a post coming from Freiburg, Germany.

‘Basilikum’ is the German word for the pungent herb, Basil. I was surprised to find that you can buy a small pot in the nearby supermarkets, Rewe and Aldi, for just under three dollars. Despite the fact that we live in a city and we live in a flat whose only entrance is a fire-escape, my roomates did well keep “green” and fill the patio with pots of Basil. Basil has an incredible smell, but I soon realized that it also adds the perfect kick to a dish of hot pasta, or, you could pluck all the leaves off and make a delicious Pesto sauce.

Now with the snow falling, we keep the plants inside. If you look at each pot, it’s funny to see how some people have been dilligently eating off leaves while others have a full blooming plant. But regardless of how it looks, it’s great to see how it regenerates new leaves, with the same great taste.

For all you readers out there: It’s not a bad idea to get an herb plant and indulge your senses with a fresh touch!

Bis später,


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