Ciao, bella!

Today is my last day before I study abroad.  I’m going to miss spending time in our beautiful garden!  It looks great.  Here’s a snapshot of part of the harvest:

ichiban eggplant, tomatoes, onion, cherry hot peppers

I love how the colors show just how much is happening at this time of the season!

Today was a great last day.  Annie, a painting student at Lawrence University, dropped by to help out.  She’s really knowledgeable and I learned about how her school garden uses pot lucks to recruit people.

Some last pics:

a winsome weed

the flower next door

a towering sunflower

peas please

today some sunflower seeds are about ready to eat!

I can’t wait for next season!  For those of you gardening through the fall, enjoy all the beautiful changes!



One comment

  1. Jane · August 19, 2010

    Bon Voyage, Molly! Thank you for sharing some beautiful photos of the garden. Safe and wonderful travels…

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