Final Post

Hello to all of you wonderful readers!

As always, I hope you are happy and healthy.  What a beautiful day!  So hot.

This will be my final post.  I am so grateful to all of you wonderful readers who have been following this blog all summer.  I have loved caring for the Wild Roots Garden and writing about my experiences.  I have had a wonderful summer, and it has been a privilege to watch the garden grow.  I loved taking the photos and working in the garden.  I loved being able to work with new people everyday.  Thank you to all of the wonderful Northwestern students, staff and faculty who welcomed me!

Special thanks to Ann Ziegelmaier, Thea Klein-Mayer and Molly Hoisington.  You all made my summer job super fun.  I wish you all (and Wild Roots) the best of luck in the coming school year.  I’ve been so lucky to get to know the character of the plants and animals that call Wild Roots home.  I like some more than others.  For example: I love sunflowers.  I hate mosquitoes.

Me in the Garden!

Now it is time for me to go back to school. I’ll be in class while Northwestern students finish up their summer.  When they (you) all come back, the garden will be yours! Someone will take over writing on the blog, which will be wonderful!  I can’t wait to read about all of Wild Roots’ new events!  Keep reading.

Thank you for a great summer!

Happy Gardening!

Adrienne W.



  1. tom · August 12, 2010

    A very nice goodbye. I do think that you have learned an incredible amount this summer, having cared for the garden and put so much into your postings. I do hope someone is able to keep up the legacy you have established.


  2. Jeff · August 12, 2010

    Adrienne – you’ve done a killer job, and the photography was beautiful. Get psyched about seeing where year 2 of the garden is come next summer! Safe trip south.


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