Old Wives’ Tale

Good afternoon lovely gardeners!

I sincerely hope you are all staying inside in some cool A/C.  It is hot hot hot!  I went over to the garden today to water.  Everything seemed unusually dry, so I gave everything a good soak.  The sunflowers in the raised planters even seemed a bit wilty.  I gave them a good long soak, and I hope they bounce back.

I did spend quite a bit of time out there this morning, harvesting and watering.  The mosquitoes are murder!  I was wearing long PJ pants and a long sleeve shirt to keep them at bay, but I still have bites all over my legs.  I’m convinced they are immune to the effects of bug spray.  Needless to say, the hot, muggy conditions and high mosquito activity made this morning a non-ideal morning for working in the garden.  That said, it was not too sunny, so no sunburn!

Molly has scheduled a workday on Thursday, Aug 12 at 2pm in the garden.  We are expecting to be harvesting a ton!  Today I was able to harvest almost 15 pounds of tomatoes! Incredible. On Thursday we will also be planting in the boxes and in the radish patch.

Update on the bunnies:  they seem to have evacuated.  I should have told you that earlier, but they are gone.  I am guessing that their mom came and took them to a safer location.  The heavy rains probably destroyed their little hole in the planters.  Good luck to you, bunnies!  Don’t eat our kale.

I read an Old Wives’ Tale about tomatoes that I would like to share.  I need your opinion.  I read that if you beat a tomato plant with a broomstick, and damage the plant, it will produce more, better tasting fruit.  The idea is that the tomato plant “thinks” it won’t survive, so it puts more energy into producing healthy seeds.  What do we think?

All for now!

Happy Gardening, Adrienne W.


One comment

  1. tom · August 10, 2010

    I think the story about the tomatoes sounds like an old wives’ tale.

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