Summer Days

Hello all,

Molly will probably be writing a blog post today about collecting seeds from our herbs.  In order to avoid an overload of information, I wanted to let you know what we did this morning.  Molly, Thea, Ann, and I met and had a little meeting in the garden early this morning.  Molly and I decided that we would work in the garden throughout the morning.  We got so much done!  I am very proud of our progress.  Molly spent time weeding the sedge over by the blueberries and cleaning up the back area.  The area around teh compost bins was a complete disaster!  She did an excellent job.  I spent time weeding the bed, restaking tomatoes (again), and harvesting.  We had a few zucchini/squash, one cucumber, a dozen-ish peppers, and 8 POUNDS of TOMATOES.  I took them in to the chefs at Norris and they seemed pretty excited about the fresh food!

After all that hard work, Molly and I carried all the extra stuff (rakes, pots, tools, stakes, labels, buckets, some nutrient catalyst, and more) down to the cage.  Wow!  That stuff was super heavy.  We were a mess!  Sweaty, dirt, wet, gross.  We then carried all the trash that has been sitting in the back (soil bags, plastic transplant pots, cardboard, and more) down to the trash and recycling.  That, let me tell you, is not the most fun job, but it had to be done.  Molly and I finished the job and we are very proud of our work!  The garden looks beautiful again.

We have some bushes drying on the ground near the garden.  Thea cut them out of the back of our beds to give us more room.  We were going to use the browns in our compost to make it more nutrient rich, but the compost seems to be pretty full.  I am not sure, but I think we should probably just send the drying bushes away with the University’s yard waste.  We’ll have to have a consensus on that, though.

All for now!  Look for Molly’s promised blog post later!

Happy Gardening!

Adrienne W.


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