Good afternoon lovely readers!

I would like to wish you all the happiest of Mondays!  I hope you all had a wonderful wonderful weekend!

Thursday was a great success.  A few ESW (Engineers for a Sustainable World) students came by to help us out.  They were so helpful!  They worked together to stake up more tomatoes in a very organized way.  They look so much better, and we appreciate their help.  They also watered the boxes and pots.  Thanks ESW!

In other news, we harvested several pounds of tomatoes and swiss chard.  I also saw a hummingbird!  I have lived in Illinois all my life, and this is the first hummingbird I have ever seen here.  It was an exciting moment for me.

Molly mentioned that she saw some baby rabbits in the raised boxes today.  We thought those were bunny proof.  Hmm… we’ll have to figure out what to do about them.  While bunnies are super cute, they also eat all of our food.

Tarragon is a fancy French herb used in a lot of recipes.  In fact, I used fresh tarragon in a recipe this past weekend.

Tarragon is also called dragon’s wort (Artemisia dracunculus).  It is a perennial herb related to wormwood.  Native to most of the Northern Hemisphere, tarragon grows in Europe, Asia, and North America.  The plant can growup to 4 feet tall and it has thin branches with dark green leaves.  It has a slightly licorice-y taste.

The flavor goes along well with chicken, lasagna, fish and eggs.

It is a very easy leaf to use in the kitchen.  Give it a try.

Tarragon is easy to grow at home, so if you like the flavor, try growing it in your garden.

Have a great day!

Happy Gardening!

Adrienne W.


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