New Perspective

Hello Everyone!

I was off last week adventuring, so I hadn’t seen the garden in 10 days until this afternoon!  Everything has grown more.  I can’t even believe that some things continue to get bigger.  The beds are almost completely covered in green.  I was surprised that the hollyhock has yet to flower, the leaves are almost a foot across.  The sunflowers have grown at least a foot since I left, probably more.  They are at least 7 feet tall, maybe almost 8 feet.

I harvested zucchini, cherry (red and orange) tomatoes, hot peppers, banana peppers and more.  I was pretty sure that Molly had harvested earlier in the day, so I didn’t want to overwhelm the kitchen.  A lot of the herbs are more than ready (sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender, all kinds of basil, all kinds of mint, scented geranium, and more).  When I checked on the lettuce and arugula in the boxes, I found that they had really gone to seed.  The curly leaf lettuce was flowering and the normal green lettuce was elongating, starting to flower.  I cut off the flowers, but when I tried a leaf off of those plants, it was very distasteful.  The weather may be too warm for lettuce now.  We may be able to take those plants out and try something new.  The watermelons are starting to take off (2 of the 4 of them).

I spent some time watering our new trees today.  They each got a good drink, and they needed it!  Even after last night’s downpour, they were looking thirsty.  One of the pear trees has more than 10 mini unripe pears started.  They look delicious.  We also have plums starting.

I saw an eggplant starting as well!  Everything looks great.

In other news, it seems that we have lost one of the strawberry baskets.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting them to last this long anyway.  It may have just not gotten enough water or it may just be too hot.   The other strawberry is still alive and producing, but it doesn’t look so good.

At the end of my day, I worked on the compost bins.  I tried to turn up the compost and get some oxygen to the bottom, but that is heavy stuff!  I did my best and I can really see that the organic material is decomposing.  We have all sorts of bugs in there too!  I also added water to the compost, as it was dangerously dry.  It must have been super hot in Evanston last week.

All for now!

Happy Gardening!



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