thoughts from thursday

The weather was perfect today.  We had storms this morning at exactly the ideal time for watering.  Then the sun came out so that our plants could start make the best use of the rain’s resources right away.  This really does make a difference.  It could be just me, but I think that many tomatoes look larger (and I see some new ones starting) since I was here on Monday.  It must be the rain!

Today I spent some time weeding and staking.  Some of our tomato stems look like the picture below, only they’ve advanced a little further so their nodules are more elongated:

This is a symptom of wet weather.  These represent the root primoridia that the plant ought to be forming if that part of the stem were underground.  It is mostly a harmless feature, but it could indicate that the root system below is experiencing difficulties.  In our case, this could be a product of crowding.  The roots may be abutting against each other in the same way that the tomato tops are.  We probably don’t need to worry because any tomato plant with a truly strained root system wouldn’t produce as nicely as ours have been.

Great news:  the sunflower by the compost bins seems to be forming a flower!  I’m gonna place my bets on that guy as the first sunflower bloom.  Many of the others look as if they are preparing to grow taller before they make flowers.

Also, we have a great diversity of insects in our garden.  It’s great.  The wasps hover near the herbs.  I found a slug inside a squash flower and multiple species of dragonfly like to perch on our stakes.  That is a short list– there are many more.

I also am going to see what Claudia can use from our current selection:  zucchini squash, yellow squash, chocolate mint, orange mint, lemon thyme, kale, and nasturtiums.  When she returns at 1:00, I’ll ask her and fill the order!

Have a good weekend!

~Molly A. H.


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