Monarda Tea

We are planning to host some events in the garden, and they may trend towards something more fancy.   Just in case we find ourselves hosting on a chilly September evening and we want to put our monarda to good use, here is the way to make it into tea.

This plant is also known as bee balm, bergamot, and oswego tea.  You can use the entire herb.  Drying the plant makes it more potent:  to make a single serving of tea, you only need two teaspoons when using dried leaves, while you need 1/4 cup with fresh plant parts.  Pour boiling water over the plant pieces.  Let the mixture stand for five minutes and strain it out to serve.

The plant may have a slight orange flavor and gains its bergamot name from the Bergamot orange.  As a tea, it might have a touch of flavor akin to Earl Grey.

Enjoy your afternoon teatime!



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