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ISSUE 36•12 | 04.05.00 | News

Just Kidding!

Our onions seem to be doing great.  I wondered how we’d know when they are ready (as I also do with our carrots and potatoes—more on them in future posts).

Well, onions are ready to harvest when the tops get sealed off from the root system in a way that prevents the leaves from receiving any water.  This stage should be indicated by the leaves flopping over.  Depending on the variety, onions can mature ~35 to 110 days after being planted.  Soil conditions are very important- they change the size and flavor of the bulb.  Ideally, there will be few stones, little compaction, and slight acidity.  Onions can also benefit from conditions thatalternate between thorough watering and periods of dryness during the week.

~Molly A. H.


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