Hello everyone!

Just a quick update.  Molly and Thea and I went out to the garden this morning to work.  I was there at 8 to water, and we have a minor problem.  After watering three-quarters of the long bed, the water stopped flowing.  There was no kink in the hose, and the hose was fully attached…. I tried everything I could, but Wild Roots is currently waterless.  I should have started watering the planters in the middle, they looked thirsty, but they’ll have to wait for the rain.  I trimmed all of the herbs because Ann suggested that they will produce more if they aren’t as tall.  I took in about 3 oz of lavender to Claudia in the kitchen because she said she wanted to make a lavender dessert for the commencement reception (or something like that…)

Everything looks great as always.  I may write again later today.

Happy Gardening!

Adrienne W.


One comment

  1. Jeff H · June 18, 2010

    How the water situation? Looks like we may be rain-free for a little while…

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