Hola Gardeners!

That title for today, библиоте́ка, means LIBRARY in Russian!  Guess why?  The Library Staff came over today!  Ann and Thea and I were working in the garden this morning, planting marigolds around our peas (to deter rabbits), when at 11:30a, the Library Staff Enrichment Day made a stop at Wild Roots.  Claudia Wyss, chef in Norris, came out to talk to the visitors and answer questions.  Our visitors seemed to love the project, and they were very supportive.  Thea and I gave them a tour, and we tried to remember all of the names of the herbs.

It was fun to show people around the garden, and they all seemed to have great ideas to share with us.  So far, so good!

We also planted sugar snap pea seeds in new hanging moss baskets.  Our sugar snap pea population has been decimated by rabbits, so we are going to try them out in very attractive moss baskets.

Earlier in the day, chef Mike came to visit the garden and find garnishes for a dish he was preparing.   After a bit of exploring, he chose to take in some thyme flowers.  Thanks for visiting!

I am going to deviate from my typical format today and only share pictures, no research.  I hope you enjoy.  (All photos taken at Wild Roots Garden by Adrienne Wuellner)

Happy Gardening!

Adrienne W.


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