Hello Gardeners!

I went out to the garden this morning at 8am.  I was checking to see if the garden needed watering, and also to do some weeding and trimming.  Due to the rain last night, the garden was still moist and did not require any more water.  I spent some time working on the pots.  I trimmed the Arugula flowers down, and I picked dead or dying leaves off of all of the herbs.  (I put all plant material in the compost bins!)  I trained the sugar snap peas up onto the wire that we strung up this week.  The peas are climbing so fast!

Fun fact:  According to Issue 161 of BBC Gardens Illustrated, “Peas, or Pisum sativum, are part of the bean family, Fabaceae.  Like their cousins they absorb nitrogen from the air through their leaves, and store this in their root nodules.  If you leave the roots in the ground after the plant is harvested and cut, this will enrich the soil for successive crops…. Don’t over-water peas, particularly from above, as this may cause fungal diseases and will create leafy plants with fewer pods.”  BBC knows what they are talking about.  That is good advice for watering, and we can leave the roots in the soil at the end of the season.

The sunflowers in the central box are growing so fast, it is easy to see the growth from day to day.  In order to keep them straight and growing tall, each sunflower in the box was staked up. I also noticed the potato patch is developing nicely.  Some spuds were stolen by hungry critters, but those remaining have started to grow big leaves.

The Wild Roots sign looks great, and I pushed the planted wheelbarrow in front of the sign today.

Happy Growing!

-Adrienne W.


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