Wild Roots Sign Installed!

Hey everybody!

Our workday yesterday was super fun and very successful!  We harvested mixed lettuce greens and spinach, and we took the crop into the kitchen at Norris.  Even the strawberry plants have started producing mature fruit!  Some of the tomato plants have started to produce tiny green fruit that will become delicious grapette tomatoes.  Thea transplanted 2 tomato plants from the boxes, because they were becoming too crowded next to the growing snap peas.  Those same peas have been wired up so that they can grow vertically, instead of grasping onto their neighbors.

The four fruit trees were installed last week, two pears, an apple, and a plum.  Yesterday, we started (with the help of some awesome volunteers!) to dig up space around one of the pear trees for a watermelon patch.  What a lot of work!  That definitely counts as our exercise for the day.  We planted the watermelons there, along with many other temporary vegetables.  They had to be moved so that the WILD ROOTS sign could be installed!

The sign looks wonderful and completes the south side of the garden.  Now everybody will know what the garden is all about!  Looks great.

If you have a chance, stop by and check it out!  Help is always welcome.

Happy Gardening!

– Adrienne W.

Hard at work installing the sign!


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