Plant Pride

At this very moment, dozens of seedlings are extending their root systems down into their new soil on the Norris south lawn. On Friday alone, we planted seedlings of roma tomatoes, dianthus flowers, banana peppers, some mysterious salsa plants, snap peas, purple asparagus, rhubarb chard, basil, monarda, bell peppers– and that’s just to name the few that I can remember. We also planted carrot seeds! I can’t wait to see how they do! The far shady corner of our plot has potato “seeds” that are conspicuous due to the little mounds of soil covering them. For the uninitiated, we’ll tell you the secret: to grow potato plants, you just wait for any potato itself to grow eyes. Chop off a wedge with one eye per section and you’ve got a chunk that will start a full-fledged plant! The potatoes we planted are steeped in purple pigment. Here at Northwestern, the garden and its produce are giving a whole new meaning to the idea of purple pride!


~Molly A. H.


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